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Illustrator & Book Reviewer

Welcome, fellow art and literature enthusiasts! I'm Alyssa Grizenko, and I'm excited to invite you into a world of imagination, where characters come to life, and stories unfold with every stroke of the pen. Whether you're here for illustrations to capture the heart of your novel or for book reviews that transport you to other realms, I'm thrilled to have you on this creative journey with me.


Let's explore the magic of art and literature together – where every illustration tells a tale, and every book opens a gateway to new adventures. Feel free to reach out on Instagram or via email to share your thoughts and connect about art, literature, and everything in between!

Light Princess Illustration
Character Art Commission for Abbie Crank

Dive into my portfolio. I believe every illustration tells a unique story and I utilize a stylized approach to communicate this. From captivating characters to picture book illustrations, I love bringing your vision (and my own) to life!

Check-out my book reviews, where I delve into the worlds created by talented authors and give my honest opinions on my current reads. I often include a fanart illustration or comic with my reviews!

Illustration from "Simon the Snake"
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